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Southern Dropout Prevention Alliance

Guiding Students to Success and Building Stronger Communities

Southern Dropout Prevention Alliance
Toll Free: 866-773-1422 / Fax: 866-877-7640
3301 South 14th Street  
 Bldg. 16    Suite 114    Abilene, TX 79605

Email: askus@southerndpa.org

Southern Dropout Prevention Alliance

The Southern Dropout Prevention Alliance is a non-profit organization which provides educational support in 13 southern states. We are nationally recognized by the Dropout Prevention Network as a model program. We partner and collaborate with schools, school districts, private foundations, corporations, and other stakeholders focusing on student achievement and dropout prevention.

Our resources make it possible for students, families, community partners and educational agencies to receive a wide variety of resources including but not limited to the following: professional development and training, mentoring, early literacy and math interventions, community/family/school collaboration, after-school/summer academic camps, food and school supply assistance, health education and awareness for families, family life-skills training, and recreational development for youths.

Proud partner with the National Dropout Prevention Network. Recognized with the Highest Rating and as a National Model Program.

See us at http://www.dropoutprevention.org under the Resources and Model Programs link


After-school programs in the Mississippi Region impacted by deficit. Please, read the news release by clicking the Breaking News! button.